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I am a contemporary composer based in Huddersfield UK who specialises in sound for image. I compose music for video games, film and theatre and cover a large array of musical genres. In addition I am keen sound designer and create sounds for video games as well as in compositions. I enjoy participating in game jams. I recently took part in Jamchester 2017 and was awarded the best Audio Design award.

My Ukrainian and Italian roots gives me access to a rich musical background, which I often like to draw down from to use in my compositions making them more authentic and the music more vibrant.

As well as composition I was Kozak dancer for 10 years and have had the pleasure of touring Europe and experiencing many different types of dance music.

I am an experienced performer with my band Elements , where we cover genres such as Jazz and Pop.

I studied BA(Hons) degree in Music Technology and Popular Music where I achieved the highest scoring 1st in my academic year.

Julian Surma

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